Lumix Ambassador

Lumix S1R + 24-105mm

In August and September I also had the chance to test the Lumix S1R. This is a full frame camera, what felt very familiar because I always shoot in full frame. The quality is exquisite. I always shoot in RAW and it is a pleasure to edit these very sharp photos afterwards in Lightroom. I tested the camera in Scotland and Italy. Especially in Scotland the weather was typical 'Scottish'. So there was a lot of rain and fog. Luckily the body and lenses are waterproof. This means you're not limited to only shoot when the weather is clear and dry. This is why the S1R was the perfect travel partner during my trip through Scotland.

I can't wait any longer to discover some more places together with Lumix. If you're searching for a camera that even in the worst weather conditions never disappoints, I strongly recommend to have a look at the website of Lumix. They sell some very good cameras. Every photo on this page is taken with the Lumix G9 and S1R.