BenQ SW270C

The photographers monitor

For a long time, I was searching to improve my workflow as a photographer. At that moment I was always editing on my Macbook Pro 15 inch. For me, it’s the ideal laptop to travel but at home I wanted a bigger display to look at the fresh content that I made.

That's how I got to BenQ, they sent me the sw270c display. And a few days later it arrived at my home. I was super excited to test this massive 27-inch display. After the unboxing and short set up it was time to connect my laptop. With just one USB-C cable you can transfer video, audio, data and even charge your laptop at the same time. So no more annoying cables or dongles. Just one cable through your laptop and the SW270C.

The 27 inch 2K QHD monitor with its edge-to-edge ultra-slim bezels is ready to replace my current setup. The screen provides extraordinary clarity of fine details and textures for an optimal viewing and visual work experience. Beside that edge-to-edge display, you also have the advantage that the monitor can show 99% Adobe RGB, 97% P3 and 100% sRGB colors. It’s offers an impressive range of vibrant colors. I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse and in just a few seconds I turned my laptop in a full working computer. When I return from a shoot or trip I normally plug in my sd card with a USB-C dongle. But the SW270C had something in petto. At the side of the display you cand find 2 full size USB ports and even an SD-Card slot. So when I come home and have some new photos that I have to edit, I just take my SD-Card out of my camera and put it directly in my monitor. The monitor saved me already a lot of time just because my workflow is now so optimal.

When I did the unboxing of the SW270C there were some smaller boxes with even more surprises. One of them was the The Hotkey Puck. The newly designed hotkey puck G2 provides the user with a convenient way to customize shortcuts to their preferred features on the OSD. It’s a remote control that allows me to quick switch and control the OSD menu. You have 3 single function keys, one rotation key and the dial, which allows users to navigate through the settings or quickly change the brightness or input mode. Beside that you can activate the GamutDuo viewing. In this mode you can simultaneously display content side-by-side in two different color spaces. For example left (Adobe RGB) and right sRGB. When I’m editing there’s nothing more annoying than sunlight or reflections on your screen. Therefore the SW270C comes with a handy shading hood. It’s detachable and super effectively for reducing screen glare.

The display is now at my desk for about a month and a half and I can’t imagine working without anymore. It’s so convenient to just plug your laptop in and extend your display from your MacBook with just a few seconds. The impressive color accuracy and contrast makes my workflow more pleasant and saves time. I’m excited for the feature and where this will end. But I know one thing, BenQ is my new favourite partner.

Do you want some more information? Visit this website for some more details. Already convinced? Click on this link and relive the moment!