Adventure with the Pentax K1 series

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Exactly one year ago I had the opportunity to become one of Pentax Ambassadors. Before that I honestly didn’t know much about Pentax. What I did hear, was that they had a full frame DSLR. A few days later I received the Pentax K1. The first big fieldtest was on my trip through the Dolomites at the beginning of summer. Together with the Pentax K1 and the 24/70mm 2.8 lens, things just couldn’t go wrong. The rough hikes and high peaks were the perfect location to test my new friend.

As a nature photographer I always want to see as much as I can. So I don’t want to bring my tripod with me every time, but with Pentax’s Image Stabilisation on the K1 this wasn’t a problem. While I was in the Dolomites there was a huge storm coming. It started to rain and hail but the K1 is water & dust resistant so I was quiet comfortable.

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The thing that I really like about this camera is its retro look with up front a big Pentax logo and some clicky buttons. The Pentax K1 is provided with ‘customizable’ buttons that you can change just the way you like. This makes it super easy for me to adjust the the aperture, ISO and shutter speed.

In march I had the chance to flight with Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong. You can see some of those shots on my previous blog. This trip was right on time to test the brand new announced upgrade for the K1, the second camera of the K1 series was born, namely the Pentax K1 Mark II. There were a few little tweaks but the main focus was on the Image Stabilization and Pixel Shift Resolution System II. I had the possibility to test the K1 Mark II firsthand. On the 8th of April I was packed and ready to start my journey to Hong Kong. I was hyped but nervous at the same time to see a completely new continent. But I had a good travelling companion with me.

The great majority of the population in Hong Kong mostly follows Chinese traditional religions. That’s why on every corner you smelled the typical scent of incense and saw good luck charms. It’s a typical way to worship their gods. One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of Hong Kong, are big skyscrapers, a lot of people and rice. But Hong Kong has much more to offer.

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Along the way we visited some monasteries there are enormous and very photogenic. So at those places I prefer the manual mode on the K1, just because I’am familiar with it. It gives me the ability to take my photo in the right conditions. But when I’m in the hurry or when I need to shoot something very quick the automatic mode is right there. The ability to shoot in RAW it allowed me to have my full RAW editing workflow in Lightroom.

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I also had the chance to shoot with the PENTAX-FA 31mm F1.8. It was one of the first times that I shot with a fixed aperture. But now I can not leave my house without having this lens in my backpack. The sharpness, the full metal build and again the old retro look it’s definitely an eyecatcher. Because you get so much detail and high dynamic range, it’s a pleasure to edit these shots on the way back. Or you can choose to edit your shots on your mobile device. With the build in WI-FI you can easily send them to your friends and family or post directly on social media.

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Can't wait to discover more places together with Pentax. If you are looking for a camera that never disappoint even with the roughest conditions than I highly recommend one of Pentax K1 series. For some more information head over to the official website of Pentax. All photos in this blog where taken with the Pentax K1 Series.